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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's the Holiday's

Christmas time came early... I finally got my T4 shoulders. This is great and my DPS is looking really good, 2 T4 really is awesome for kitty DPS.

I bought the S1 mace while waiting for the needed points for the S2 version and spent my last honor on PvP shoulders for tanking.

Currently I think my DPS and tanking gear is good to go for a while with upgrades being in the nice to have section now instead of the must have... my next goal is to go back to the battle grounds and get a couple items to round out my healing set. I am thinking about re-speccing to resto just for some Heroic runs during our Christmas slow time with raiding.

In other news, I finally got to do a little Zul'Aman... OTed the bear boss and 1 shot him. Yes the belt fell, no I didn't win it... lost my usual roll to a rogue... LOL 94-6... not even close.

Oh yeah, I also got the Tree-Menders belt on a Heroic Ramps run... a nice surprise indeed.

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