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Friday, September 14, 2007


The Edgewalker Longboots finally dropped when I was at Kara and I was able to pick them up using our SWAPS system.

Also, I have changed out 1 Red gem to Purple and was able to activate my Helm of the Claw meta gem slot which has a Relentless Earthstorm Diamond. The 3% added Crit damage is sweet (Thanks to Fio our Guild GM to clearing up my Meta Gem confusion).

So now self buffed in Kitty form I am sitting at 2473AP and 35% Crit which I guess is pretty good along with 33.5% dodge.

Anyway, going to start grinding away at BG's for some Epic gear to improve my bear stats while trying to do whatever Heroics I can fit in to get those last few peices of Epic gear I want.

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