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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WOTLK and guilds

So WotLK is coming soon and as I mentioned before a lot of guilds have stopped raiding or slowed down considerably.

It made me start thinking about the guild I was in when I was leveling to 70. First Eutonic Knights then Forsaken Templars. I was an officer in both and we bucked the trend of joining one of the larger guilds that had like 300 members or something crazy like that to stay small in our little family running naked to places we didn't belong and what not... lots of fun. I had a great time leveling with these folks but when endgame came our small guild was not sufficent to raid. Honestly we were never even that good at instancing, but we did laugh our ass off and have lots of fun doing it.

So now I am guessing folks need to start thinking about where they want to be. No longer is a large guild necessary in WotLK to experience endgame raiding since all will have a 10 man setting. Will the gear be that much better in a 25 man? I guess that is one of the big questions. Is it any less respectable to be in a 10 man raiding guild than a 25? Would it be cooler to be in a 10 man raiding guild that is further along in progression than a 25 man that is further behind? Take a fight like Archimonde, wouldn't you prefer only a 1 in 10 chance of a teammate wiping the party... LOL

Will 25 man raiding guilds run these new raids as both 10 man and 25 mans?

Lots of questions, very few answers. I do most of my leveling solo and during the day with instancing at night and I have quite a few friends in other various guilds that I know I will be running with. I guess the question is once we all get to 80 how will all the current guilds fair? I am guessing there is going to be a lot of new guilds forming that are going to focus on 10 man endgame raiding reducing the 25 man guilds numbers and quite possibly forcing them into the same 10 man raiding situation due to lack of guildies... at least at first. I bet 25 man raiding guilds are going to be more unique than even now. That and guilds are going to have a better chance at starting out in 10 man raids because you know you are not going to get 30+ people all to 80 at the same time.

Just some Tuesday morning rambling... just ignore me.


Kalon said...

We're starting to talk about what we'll be doing come WotLK. The current officer plan is to start raiding (at least 10-mans) 6 weeks after the expansion hits. I think that's a bit much, but we've already got people that are planning to take a week off work to level like mad. I guess it's not that unreasonable, when you think about it; 4 raiding nights, 4 hours a raid, means 16 hours a week of gameplay that could be spent leveling. There's not going to be as much of gear churn early on, so most people can reasonably focus on getting to 70 without having to do specific instances or quests more than a handful of times. 96 hours of gameplay to reach 10 levels? That doesn't sound so ridiculous.

We're also lucky in that we started raiding late in the cycle, so there is still content that is fresh for us. I would imagine guilds that are either stalled or done with Sunwell don't have that luxury so much.

Jacemora said...

Wow, a week off to level... I wish, my wife would kill me.

Anonymous said...

Good points. I'm sure 25 mans will continue to thrive, because of the gear incentive. I also think its quite a brilliant plan, because the 10mans will help small guilds enormously make the leap from 10 to 25 man content. It's like when you go from a normal to a heroic; you learn the encounters first in normal mode as you level, then you practice/farm at 70, while gradually transitioning to heroics. I hope the same thing will happen with 10/25 mans, enabling smaller guilds to look forward to a lot of new content, while gearing & skilling up for the 25 mans.

Jacemora said...

Not sure I see it that way. I think small guilds will now choose to stay small, not practice in 10 man raids to take on more raiders and do 25 mans. 25 man raids will continue to need the dedication of a hardcore raiding base to make it to the end where 10 mans could possibly be completed within a reasonable amount of time by a smaller social guild. What I would like to see are bosses within these raids that are only available in the 25 man versions. Same Instance and Layout but with something more than just a gear incentive. Again, who gets more props/cred the small guild further progressed running the 10 man version or the hardcore guild further back running 25's... I think guild progression will still be based on the 25 man with the small social 10 man guilds not being tracked. Not that there is anything wrong with that but if they are tuned properly it should be just as much as an accomplishment to do 10 man progression as 25 IMHO.

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