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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A short update

Well, nothing really new here. Kara continues to be stingy, the hourglass hasn't fallen for me to even lose the roll as usual, I didn't have enough DKP for the T4 gloves of Curator the last time they dropped, I don't have the DKP for anything in Grull's just yet, but I am DPSing in the 600-700 range according to the new DMG meter addon.

Just continuing the raid grind for DKP and Arena for my S2 Maul.

Looking forward to the 2.3 patch with the Primal Man-catcher from the new Raid encounter and some leather for Heroic badges that is better than Kara drops.

I am very close to hitting exalted with Shat'ar and getting A'dal's Command which will give me a little boost from one ring slot.

I now have all my Heroic Keys which I would be more happy about but since in 2.3 it only takes honored to get them it lacks the wow factor for me.

I did get lucky in Shattered Halls and can now do the Savagery enchant.

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